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Open the door to trusted conversations

Offer employees truly anonymous misconduct reporting for industry-leading check-back rates. Comply with international and local directives. Scale your whistleblowing & grievance program with SpeakUp.

“An interactive and confidential channel, of great benefit in Nestlé’s endeavour of establishing a true speak up culture.”

Enrique Rueda | Vice President HR & Compliance Nestlé

Trusted by 2.000+ enterprises operating worldwide

There’s a new way of managing misconduct reporting

Cover your reputation by working with the next generation whistleblowing platform, before it’s too late.

Without SpeakUp

Risk reputational damage
Traditional whistleblowing solution
Difficult to comply with regulations
Reliant on inefficient call centres
Risk of liability and fines
Questionnaire focused reports with difficulty following up
Unstructured global misconduct reporting
Limited ability to extract valuable data

With SpeakUp

Listen for a change
AI-powered state of the art technology
EU-whistleblowing directive compliant
Web, app and phone: all devices covered
Safeguard your reputation
Facilitate anonymous dialogue (75+ languages)
Resource-efficient global case management
Create insightful reports via Sharepoint and Power BI integrations

Discover the difference SpeakUp makes


Run resource-efficient global whistleblowing programs

Managing misconduct reports using email and Excel is a waste of your resources. SpeakUp’s whistleblowing software lets you manage global compliance and case management from one single, central dashboard.

Ease of use

Put your people first by making misconduct reporting easy

Most whistleblowing solutions make speaking up hard, painful and inefficient. SpeakUp’s platform makes both reporting and managing misconduct a breeze, and supports reporting through web, app and phone.


Never miss another case of misconduct or unethical behaviour

Misconduct reporting forms and call centres make people feel interrogated and misunderstood. Facilitate 24/7/365, localised, anonymous dialogue in 75+ languages and make misconduct reporting feel safe again.

Simplify your global whistleblowing workflows today

Your whistleblowing and misconduct data is safe with us

SpeakUp is routinely audited and accredited by global privacy and security standards. These are relevant to regulations like the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Global Certifications

SpeakUp is the only whistleblowing software that combines information security (ISO27001 & ISO27002) and privacy standards (ISO27701).

Global Audit Standards

Our platform is fully audited according to ISAE3000 Type II/SOC2 and TISAX on a quarterly basis. This level of assurance goes far beyond bi- or tri-annual ISO certifications.

Private & Secure

You will become compliant with all relevant regulation, like the European Whistleblower’s Directive, The German Supply Chain Act, the GDPRNIS2 guideline and the DORA guideline.

Here's why compliance experts around the world choose SpeakUp:

“Our previous sytem was web-based and allowed for email reporting, but it was seldom used. In hindsight, we see that anonimity significantly lowers the barriers for reporting.”

Fredrik Hallgren

Head of Compliance, Sinch

“Using SpeakUp [...] is about creating a space where nearly 5 million people feel heard and trusted to report issues.”

Miriam Reijnen

Coordinator for the Centre of Safe Sports

“Straightforward / user-friendly, reliable. Configurable to our company needs. Best in class customer support. SpeakUp comes highly recommend as future-proof whistleblowing tooling.”

Vivianne Weehuizen

Legal Compliance Manager, Friesland Campina

“SpeakUp is always looking to improve and has proven to be a reliable and dedicated partner since 2006.”

Dieuwke Visser

Senior Compliance Counsel, Randstad

“SpeakUp has the best value for money on the market. It is easy to setup, flexible to use and has very supportive staff.”

Giulio Bergadano

Investigation Governance,
Iveco Group

“Knowing SpeakUp as well as multiple other tools, I can confidently say that SpeakUp is the best tool I have worked with.”

Rachaad Barri

Craft Lead AML, TMNL

Scale your global whistleblowing program with fewer resources

Traditional compliance tech, local regulation and bad quality translations put a strain on your international whistleblowing program. Now, there’s a new way to let people speak up.

Everything you need to know about whistleblowing

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Get the whistleblowing tools you need for compliant case management

We’ve turned 20 years of experience with whistleblowing compliance into advanced software tools. Use these to make your whistleblowing workflows simple and efficient.

App, web and phone reporting
AI & human translation on request
75+ languages supported
Wall of love

Why compliance teams love working with SpeakUp

Here are some reviews, shoutouts and testimonials from SpeakUp customers and partners.

SpeakUp Academy

Happy attendees at our live roundtable events

“Enjoying the exciting webinar on the connections between AI & Whistleblowing Management!”
“SpeakUp is one of the most modern and dynamic whistleblowing tools on the market.”

Olaf Wolters

Legal Operations Manager & Compliance Expert

“I'm sure many companies, like ours, can benefit from the hands-on support provided by the SpeakUp Knowledge Portal.”

Klaus Korhonen

HR & Legal Executive,
Suominen Corporation

Netherlands launches Centre for Safe Sports

“SpeakUp allows 4.5 million athletes to report misconduct anonymously. Anonymity lowers the barrier to report. This way, we collectively strive for more transparency in sports.”

Sinch increased misconduct reporting by over 100%

“The tool is very easy to set up, use, and configure. SpeakUp works very well for us.”
“SpeakUp keeps your identity secret, allowing us to openly register complaints without any worry and in any language.”

Taruna Garg

Senior Manager HR, Randstad India


ACG - Holland Innovation Award winner SpeakUp

“A thought-provoking pitch from Raymond Canisius, PhD was enough to persuade the audience to vote for their whistle-blowing platform.”
“Very easy tool, highly recommended for implementing whistleblowing obligations.”

Anne-Laure Bossel

Group Senior Counsel, Emmi Group


CRISAM and SpeakUp announcing integration

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in the integration of critical components of governance, risk and compliance.”
“Some software looks easy to use but in practice isn’t. SpeakUp, however, is truly as easy as it looks!”

Mitchell Eeftink

Director and Strategic Advisor, Primutec

“SpeakUp offers a very responsive client support system within a confidential environment for people to speak up.”

Denise Bao

Group Compliance Manager,

“The switch from our previous system was very smooth and easy. Machine translations work better than anticipated.”

Jan Haglund

Director Group Internal Audit, SSAB