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AI on every device: how to ensure compliance in an AI-driven world

You've probably heard it by now: AI is at our fingertips. The 2024 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference announced AI integration into iOS and macOS via Siri and OpenAI's ChatGPT, impacting over 1.46 billion users. This leap brings urgent compliance and security challenges. Companies must act swiftly to address data privacy, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity risks. Read to learn more.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore whistleblowing in the automotive industry

In the automotive world, whistleblowing cases are not new. With major headliners like emissions fraud and faulty airbags surfacing, robust reporting mechanisms are more important than ever. Now, whistleblowing is crucial for maintaining accountability and safety. Discover the top 5 reasons you should not ignore whistleblowing and reliable reporting mechanisms in place in the automotive industry.

7 tips for compliance officers to effectively handle misconduct

As the backbone of ethical operations within your organisation, you play a critical role in shaping a safe and compliant workplace. Misconduct comes in different shapes and sizes but has one thing in mutual: it can cost your organisation and employees big time. Read on to learn about effectively handling misconduct.

How to develop psychological safety in a speak up culture

We live in a world where having a culture of silence is simply not acceptable. Organisations must work towards creating a safe environment where employees are comfortable voicing their questions, feedback or worries. Psychological safety plays an integral part in this. But what can you do to make a work environment psychologically safe? Read this blog for the rundown.

How to encourage employees to speak up when they see wrongdoing

Employees who see wrongdoing are in a vulnerable position. They may be hesitant to speak up when they see wrongdoing out of fear of repercussions. Read on to discover why employees don't speak up when they see wrongdoing, and how you can support them to use their voice by developing a speak up culture.

How SpeakUp is incorporating AI in whistleblowing in 2024

Artificial intelligence is taking over – you have probably heard this phrase by now. While AI is making lives easier, SpeakUp is excited to explain what will change in the landscape of whistleblowing following this technological shift.

Speak up culture 101: Everything you should know

'Speak up culture' is more than a phrase. For employees and organisations alike, speaking up can lead to valuable change. But what does a speak up culture really encompass? And what can you do to build it? Learn everything there is to know about it in this blog.

How to manage global misconduct and whistleblower reporting

Is your whistleblower policy a safety net or a tightrope? In this blog, we dissect the essentials of crafting robust policies, ensuring your approach to global misconduct and whistleblower reporting is not just compliant, but exemplary.

Solving multilingual whistleblowing with machine and manual translations

How does whistleblowing and misconduct reporting work when it comes to different languages? Thankfully, machine translations are here to rescue, but we cannot forget about human translations. Learn how using both solves multilingual case management.

The future of whistleblowing laws and regulations: What's next in 2024?

Whistleblowing laws and regulations are changing; what do you need to be aware of in 2024? Learn more in this blog.

How to comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive: A simple 8-step guide

Understanding the EU Whistleblower Directive is critical for organisations striving for compliance and transparency. This guide provides practical steps to align with the Directive.

Not getting any misconduct reports in your global organisation? Here’s what’s wrong

If you're finding that misconduct reports are notably absent in your organisation, it's crucial to tackle the underlying issues head-on. Dive into our blog to understand the reasons behind the silence.

Why speak up culture matters and how it helps you retain talent in 2024

Voicing concerns in the workplace can often be daunting. For many, the decision to remain silent is fueled by familiar tales of facing unemployment, retaliation, or becoming marginalised in their own circles. Learn how you can effectively create a culture where speaking up is encouraged, and how it will help you retain talent.

How to comply with global whistleblowing regulations

Global whistleblowing regulations are not just checkboxes for organisations — they're your first line of defence against misconduct and reputational harm. But for actionable change to happen, you must empower people to speak up and lower the barrier with proper procedures in place. In this blog, you can find the top tips we advise when it comes to complying with global whistleblowing regulations.

The story of SpeakUp

Let's rewind the tape a bit. From a consultancy agency in the early 00s to an industry leading whistleblowing software provider helping 2000+ organisations create meaningful change; we’ve had quite a metamorphosis. In the light of that, we’ve adopted a refreshed brand identity to reflect our new positioning. To give you the full scoop on our story, we wanted to share with you how it all began.

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