The story of SpeakUp

Let's rewind the tape a bit. From a consultancy agency in the early 00s to an industry leading whistleblowing software provider helping 2000+ organisations create meaningful change; we’ve had quite a metamorphosis. In the light of that, we’ve adopted a refreshed brand identity to reflect our new positioning. To give you the full scoop on our story, we wanted to share with you how it all began.

Lamia Mela
February 15, 2024
5 min read

2004: How SpeakUp started

In the early years of the 00s, before we became the creators of the industry-leading software provider you know as 'SpeakUp,' we started as 'People Intouch'. Our founder, Rolf Thung, delved into the intricacies of organisational culture, assembling a team of cultural anthropologists, legal wizards, economists, and criminologists.

What united them? The whistle-blower's dilemma: Why do people hesitate to speak up? What shifts when they finally do? What benefits could society, organisations, and those who voice concerns gain from reporting wrongdoing?  

What they found is that when employees can report without the fear of retaliation, organisations get access to do something about it. In turn, organisations gain insights to tackling the issue early-on before it’s too late, ultimately safeguarding against potential damages.  

Long before it was a requirement and way before it was trendy, we were champions of open dialogues and transparency. From this philosophy, we've evolved, assisting organisations in reimagining how they approach those challenging conversations.

This incredible journey gave birth to our industry-leading whistleblowing software, SpeakUp.  

2023: Rebranded identity

Like any good story, we had a transformation along the way. As rules and regulations continuously evolve, we saw the increasing need to go beyond just ticking boxes. Our newfound mission is to shift from a compliance culture to a speak up culture, where organisations can hear the voices within that often go unheard.

Of course, you still need to be compliant with various legislations as an organisation. But we believe you must create a culture of trust and encourage workforce to voice concerns at the same time.

So, you can take proactive measures to mitigate risks effectively. We know that both are simultaneously possible because we have been a player for 20+ years. Rebranding to our new identity is a big milestone for us, amplifying our commitment to building a world that speaks up for a more ethical future.  

Future: Where SpeakUp is headed  

For us, it’s simple: we want to create a world that speaks up. One where employees feel protected and can use their voice without fear. Also, one where organisations do not have to constantly put out fires, rather help prevent it by nurturing an ethical culture.

Bottomline: we see both sides of the conversation, so people don’t get fired for speaking up, and neither do company reputations get charred. As we help organisations listen to reporters, we believe that it creates a meaningful change. But the truth is - it is easier said than done.

So, how do we make things easier?  

We don’t just say it, we do it

When we say SpeakUp makes it easier for reporters to communicate their concern, we mean it. We do this by developing the best whistleblowing software and services to report unethical behaviour and misconduct.

Full anonymity ensures your employees don’t have to fear retribution. We support 75+ languages, minimising loss in translation.

No stonewalling, start listening

Other platforms complicate, scaring you off with checkboxes. SpeakUp takes a refreshing, more effective approach. At the core, we’re all human. So, we prioritise listening over bureaucracy. An easy-to-use, design research backed interface which doesn’t intimidate you.

Just shoot a text, and you're set to kickstart an anonymous dialogue. We ensure your initial message blossoms into a fully compliant report.

Oversight creates insight

A single report of unethical behaviour might be an accident. But a dozen reports point to possible wrongdoing in your organisation. We provide oversight at scale for global organisations, including supply chain parties.  

We don’t just end our mission here. Our pursuits of excellence and openness guide us to help even more organisations realise that helping their employees speak up shouldn’t be difficult.

Because when we can encourage speaking up, everyone gains, and that's a world we're excited to create together.

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