Top 15+ whistleblowing software tools (2024)

Here are the top 15+ whistleblowing software tools for 2024 you should keep an eye out for. Please note these aren’t necessarily ranked.

Lamia Mela
March 7, 2024
5 min read

Let’s face it, finding the right whistleblowing software platform isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. The system needs to fit your organisational ethos, budget, and most importantly – it should encourage people to voice their concerns. On top of that, rules and regulations change often, which means your system should allow you to keep up with those changes.

Maybe you’re new to whistleblowing tools, or you’re looking to transition from an old whistleblowing platform to a new system. No matter the reason – your whistleblowing software should serve the best interests of your employees and your organisation at large. 

What should you look for in a whistleblowing system?

The most important aspect to look out for is whether your whistleblowing software fits your specific needs as an organisation. Perhaps you need a simple and intuitive user experience. Maybe you need to be compliant with tons of legislation, because you operate globally. Or maybe you’re just not satisfied with your current solution.

Some things to look out for when selecting your next whistleblowing software tool are:

  • In case of call centres: available languages
  • Devices covered (web, app, phone)
  • Potential level of customisation
  • Assurances and certifications
  • Average check-back rates
  • Types of integrations

There are a bunch of other factors you can consider, of course. What type of whistleblowing software solution you need really depends on the size and complexity of your organisation.

The best whistleblowing software tools in 2024

Doing research into these platforms can be time-consuming. Which is why we created a shortlist of the best software providers out there. Here are the top 15 whistleblowing software tools for 2024 you should keep an eye out for. Please note these aren’t necessarily ranked. 

1. SpeakUp

That’s us, by the way. Founded in Amsterdam in 2004, SpeakUp is whistleblowing software used by over 2000+ organisations to make complex whistleblowing workflows simple. The easy-to-use platform lets you safely communicate with your (global) compliance team and comply with whistleblowing legislation, worldwide.

Traditional whistleblowing systems usually use surveys and call centres to facilitate misconduct reporting. But this usually makes reporters feel unsafe and unheard. It makes reporting difficult, instead of easy. SpeakUp puts your people first and lets them choose whether to report online, through the SpeakUp app, or by making a phone call.

What’s best is that our whistleblowing software allows for both machine learning and manual translation, with 75+ languages supported, so everyone can report in their native language. Fully anonymous, secure, and simple. 


Key features:

  • Focusses on facilitating dialogue
  • Easy and flexible case management
  • High check-back rates of 49%
  • AI-powered state of the art technology
  • Web, app and phone: all devices covered
  • Compliant with EU-whistleblowing directive and all relevant legislations 
  • Routinely audited and accredited by global privacy and security standards
  • Covers 75+ languages
  • Create insightful reports via Sharepoint and Power BI integrations

2. Ethico

Ethico is a whistleblowing system dedicated to providing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions with a strong emphasis on long-term business success and meeting the specific needs of their clients. 

Their services encompass a wide range of areas including hotline and case management, credential screening and monitoring, ethics and compliance training, disclosures, as well as data analytics and reporting. 

Ethico makes sure that the tools and services they provide are easy to use and really help businesses stay on top of their ethical and legal responsibilities. They put a lot of emphasis on being reliable and quick to respond. This means that Ethico doesn't just offer tools; they also help create a better, more ethical work environment in different industries.


Key features:

  • Multiple language availability
  • Comprehensive suite of solutions for ethics and compliance
  • Human-centric focus, emphasising healthy organisational cultures

3. AllVoices 

AllVoices is a leading platform in the field of employee relations, designed to help companies address and prevent workplace issues. It's a comprehensive tool that companies trust for managing various aspects of employee relations. The platform offers anonymous reporting, allowing employees to safely voice their concerns. 

It also includes HR case management to collect, manage, and resolve workplace issues efficiently. Additionally, AllVoices provides tools for performance improvement, pulse surveys to proactively tackle workplace issues, and easy-to-manage workplace investigations.

What sets AllVoices apart is its use of AI-powered assistance to resolve and prevent workplace issues, making the process more efficient and effective. The platform is designed to be a one-stop solution for managing employee relations, offering standardised processes, data insights, and streamlined workflows.


Key features:

  • Organised and streamlined reporting
  • 2-way anonymous conversations
  • AI-powered assistant

4. NotMe

NotMe Solutions is a whistleblowing platform that prioritises workplace safety by offering 100% anonymous reporting and case management tools. This platform is designed to prevent lawsuits and create a safer work environment. 

NotMe provides a space where employees can report various issues like harassment, discrimination, bullying, and health and safety concerns without revealing their identity. This encourages more people to speak up about problems, helping to address them more quickly and effectively.

This whistleblowing tool is instrumental in mitigating risks associated with white-collar crime by empowering employees to report incidents safely. It can really help shape a workplace culture that values safety, transparency, and accountability.


Key features:

  • 2-in-1 platform with integrated case management for practical use
  • Easy to use and fast to implement solution
  • Addresses a broad spectrum of misconduct, from behavioural issues to financial wrongdoing
  • Invented by a leading employment lawyer, with industry expert advisories

5. Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software is a whistleblowing solution adopted by various organisations globally. The software is compliant with GDPR and features end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all reports and case management activities are secure and private. This specific software tool was designed for somewhat smaller businesses. 

However, it’s an ideal tool for companies looking to comply with EU whistleblowing laws while providing a confidential and anonymous channel for employees to report incidents. It allows for confidential or anonymous reporting, with two-way communication after submission, ensuring high transparency throughout the reporting process. 

Whistleblower Software is particularly noted for its robust security features, including compliance with the Schrems II ruling under GDPR, and its ability to be customised to fit the specific needs of an organisation.


Key features:

  • Used in 80+ countries
  • Maintains confidential reporting between whistleblowers and organisations
  • Covers needs of large enterprises
  • Multi-language support

6. Whispli

Whispli is a leading platform designed for anonymous engagement with employees, catering to compliance, HR, and culture purposes. It's a whistleblowing management system that enables organisations to maintain open, two-way, anonymous, and secure communication channels. 

This approach not only helps in improving employee engagement but also plays a significant role in boosting employee retention and protecting the culture of an organisation. By facilitating easier exchanges with members of an organisation, Whispli aids in proactively addressing and eliminating negative behaviours that can undermine the integrity of a company's culture.


Key features:

  • Robust case management system
  • User-friendly reporting process for employees and third parties
  • Optimised review and action on submitted concerns

7. FaceUp 

FaceUp is a whistleblowing system designed for both companies and schools, offering an anonymous reporting channel. It enables employees and students to report issues or concerns, fostering a culture of transparency and safety. 

The system is compliant with GDPR and other whistleblower protection laws, ensuring data protection and anonymity. FaceUp is user-friendly, offering features like advanced case management, customisable solutions, and quick setup. It helps organisations comply with laws, avoid financial losses, and create a positive work and study environment.


Key features:

  • Customisable reporting forms
  • Advanced case management
  • Easy set up and user friendly
  • Used by 3000+ organisations
  • Provides data analysis

8. EQS Integrity Line

EQS Integrity Line is a comprehensive whistleblowing software primarily catering to European companies. It offers a secure and confidential system for reporting misconduct such as corruption, discrimination, and harassment. 

The software is customisable, GDPR compliant, and available in over 80 languages, making it accessible for diverse organisations. EQS Integrity Line aims to promote transparency and trust within companies, while ensuring compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. 


Key features:

  • Secure hosting of data in Germany
  • Anonymous whistleblowing hotline
  • Encrypted channels

9. Navex

NAVEX provides Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions, focusing on supporting organisations in managing risks and compliance effectively. Their offerings include tools for employee compliance, third-party risk management, and data analytics. NAVEX aims to simplify compliance processes and enhance risk visibility to aid decision-making, targeting a broad range of industries and compliance challenges.


Key features:

  • Unifies risk and compliance programs into one holistic solution
  • Supplies a centralised platform for managing compliance tasks
  • Manages onboarding and ongoing screening of third parties

10. Whistlelink

Whistlelink is an all-in-one whistleblowing system that allows anonymous reporting of misconduct. It includes a reporting site, communication tools between reporters and organisations, and case management modules.

They provide organisations with a secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing solution that meets the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Whistelink also respects information security. They boast preventive measures such as multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and external penetration tests, to make sure data stays secure.


Key features:

  • Web-based whistleblowing solution for companies and organisations
  • Supplies a safe and anonymous platform for reporting misconduct and unethical behaviour
  • User-friendly reporting system hosted in Europe
  • Available in 30 languages

11. Ethicontrol

Ethicontrol is a next generation whistleblowing platform for enterprises and startups. Some features include anonymous communication, modern intake channels, escalation, incident delegation and document investigations. Enough to tackle the needs of most businesses.

This whistleblowing system complies with legislation like ISO 37002, SAPIN II, ISO 37001, US DoJ guidelines, EU Whistleblowing Directive, GDPR, CDPA. Ethicontrol is trusted by enterprises but at the same time affordable for startups.


Key features:

  • Whistleblower's web portal for anonymous message registration
  • Online software for quick incident management and internal investigations
  • Dedicated team within the contact centre
  • Whistleblowing hotline with professional support

12. Trusty Report

Trusty Report is a free web-based and secure whistleblower hotline for global organisations, offering anonymous reporting, statistics viewing, and case management through a user-friendly online dashboard developed by compliance professionals. 

It provides compliance with EU and U.S. whistleblower laws and offers customisation options without the need for software installation. Composed of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, their team's expertise empowers Trusty to remain flexible, self-reliant, financially sustainable, and impervious to external investor influence.


Key features:

  • Web-based, free, and highly secure whistleblower hotline
  • Offers anonymous reporting, statistics viewing, and case management
  • Developed by compliance professionals
  • Simple to use and follow EU and U.S. whistleblower laws

13. WeMoral

WeMoral is a whistleblowing system designed for organisations to foster anonymous feedback, securely store records, and manage incidents. The whistleblowing service prioritises data protection through its design and default settings. 

For instance, when whistleblowers submit reports, their information is securely encrypted, both when stored and during transmission. They offer a secure communication channel with whistleblowers that safeguards their identity, all while ensuring full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Key features:

  • 100% safe and anonymous
  • Compliance with EU whistleblower laws and GDPR regulations
  • Instant deployment and an easy-to-use tool for confidential communication

14. GAN Integrity

GAN Integrity aids global organisations in promoting business ethics universally. Collaborating with leading companies, they aid in risk management, behaviour impact, and the delivery of long-term strategic value.

This whistleblowing solution helps businesses integrate ethics into every aspect of their operations. This includes involving everyone, from frontline employees to third-party partners and stakeholders, in the process of transforming their business to be more ethical. They’re all about making ethics accessible to everyone.


Key features:

  • Integrity platform for elevating business ethics
  • Helps manage risk, affect behaviour, and deliver long-term strategic value
  • Engages everyone, from front-line workers to third parties and shareholders
  • Built-in flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory requirements

15. Hintbox

Hintbox is a whistleblowing solution used by corporations, governmental entities, and legal firms worldwide. It aligns with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and conforms to local legal frameworks. The platform fully follows GDPR and other privacy statutes, ensuring adherence to regulations.

With regard to case management, Hintbox lets you customise the steps for handling messages to meet specific requirements, ensuring they adhere closely to guidelines. These steps are designed to be both auditable and easily tracked, thanks to integrated histories and indexes.


Key features:

  • Aligns with GDPR and other privacy statutes
  • Establishes a communication channel following necessary standards
  • Ideal for corporations, governmental entities, and legal firms
  • Ensures simplicity in deploying a whistleblower channel

FAQ about whistleblowing software

We’ve outlined the answers to some frequently asked questions about whistleblowing software below. Hope these are helpful in your journey to finding the best whistleblowing software for your specific business.

What is whistleblowing software?

Whistleblowing tool, also known as anonymous reporting software or ethics reporting software, is a specialised tool or platform designed to ease the reporting and management of whistleblowing cases within organisations. It provides a secure and confidential channel for individuals to report instances of misconduct, fraud, or unethical behaviour.

Why do I need a whistleblowing software tool to begin with?

A well-implemented whistleblowing tool promotes a culture of ethics, transparency, and accountability within an organisation, reducing the risk of financial losses, legal repercussions, and reputational harm. It encourages employees and stakeholders to come forward with their concerns, enabling early detection and resolution of potential problems. Without such a tool, the following risks may arise - undetected misconduct, lack of transparency, negative work culture, or reputational damage.

What is the EU Whistleblowing Directive, and does it mean for me? 

The European Directive for the Protection of Whistleblowers first entered into force in 2019, aiming to set up and promote a high level of protection for citizens to report breaches of EU law. 

It grants protection to individuals reporting misconduct in a work-related context through a three-tier system: via internal (mandatory) reporting mechanisms of organisations; via external competent authorities; via public disclosures to the media. 

Need help in choosing the right whistleblowing tool in 2024?

SpeakUp’s whistleblowing platform helps your organisation detect internal wrongdoings early. People fear retribution and are scared away by complex compliance box ticking. To lower thresholds, we’ve developed a fully anonymous and user-friendly way to report wrongdoings.  

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