Top 13+ ethics hotline providers (2024)

We already mentioned there are a lot of ethics hotline providers to choose from in the current market. To help you with your research, here are the 13+ best ethics hotline providers for 2024.

Lamia Mela
March 7, 2024
5 min read

Navigating the ethics hotline landscape is like charting a course through a vast sea – it requires a strategy. With daily reports of misconduct and a staggering 40% of employees afraid to speak up, there’s something at stake for both the reporter and the organisation.

But in this sea of options for a good provider, you should ask yourself: do all ethics hotline tools align with your organisation's values? To help you out picking the right one, below you’ll find a list of the best ethics hotline providers to consider implementing in 2024.

What is an ethics hotline, exactly?

Ethics hotlines, whether through phone or online services, enable confidential reporting of ethics violations by employees and stakeholders, fostering a safe environment to raise concerns without fear of reprisal. Unlike in-house systems, third-party hotline providers offer greater anonymity, ensuring whistleblowers can share concerns directly with your organisation. 

They provide a secure channel for whistleblowers to disclose information about misconduct, fraud, or other unethical behaviour without fear of retaliation. This facilitates the collection of actionable information, enhancing your company's ethical practices.

The biggest benefits of having an ethics hotline

Giving your employees access to an ethics hotline isn’t just a nice-to-have. In our opinion, these are the biggest benefits of using an ethics hotline system for your business. 

  • Catch misconduct earlier, before it is too late
  • Foster an ethical culture
  • Employees will trust you if they can speak up
  • Get a clear collection of data to manage a case
  • Safeguard your organisation’s reputation
  • Lower risk of fines

How to choose an ethics hotline provider that matches your organisation’s needs

We already mentioned there are a lot of ethics hotline providers to choose from in the current market. You need to find one which not only meets your budget, but meets the future of your organisation in terms of ethics and compliance. To help you with your research, here are the 13 best ethics hotline providers for 2024.

The best 13 ethics hotline providers in 2024

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of ethics hotlines, this user-friendly compilation is designed to help you find the perfect solution for your organisation. Here’s our list of the best ethics hotline solutions, in no particular order.

1. SpeakUp

With over two decades of expertise in the compliance space, SpeakUp (that’s us by the way) is an industry leading ethics hotline tool, promoting ethical dialogues with a cutting-edge AI-powered platform. Right now, over 2000 organisations use SpeakUp as their chosen ethics hotline provider. 

The platform enables easy and fully anonymous reporting, which lowers the threshold for reporters to voice their concerns. SpeakUp also offers an extensive case management system to help organisations get a grip on case progression and make sure reports feel heard. 

SpeakUp doesn’t use daunting box ticking mechanisms for reporting. No need for reporters to check off complex categories. Besides, the possibilities for customisation are virtually limitless. And you’ll get extensive guidance during the implementation process.


Key features:

  • Available in 75+ languages 
  • Manual and automated translations
  • High check-back rate of 49% 
  • Multi-device compatibility 
  • End to end encryption
  • Simple to use, backed by design research
  • AI-powered state of the art technology 
  • Compliant with EU Whistleblowing Directive and all relevant legislations 
  • Routinely audited and accredited by global privacy and security standards
  • Extensive and customisable case management tool 
  • Offers detailed data insights 

2. CMS

Continental Message Solution (CMS) is essentially a comprehensive call centre and communication service provider. They offer a range of services including virtual receptionist assistance, employee hotlines, and mass notification systems. 

Their unique blend of live agent support and automated solutions ensures that communication processes for organisations are efficient and continuous, operating 24/7. This makes them an ideal partner for businesses looking for reliable and effective communication and call handling services.


Key features:

  • Human customer service agents
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Telephone or web-based services

3. Whispli 

Whispli is a top-tier platform created for anonymous interaction with employees, serving the needs of compliance, HR, and company culture. It operates as a whistleblowing management system that empowers organisations to establish transparent, two-way, secure, and anonymous communication channels.

This method not only contributes to enhancing employee engagement but also plays a vital role in increasing employee retention and safeguarding the overall culture within an organisation. By facilitating easier communication within the organisation, Whispli helps proactively tackle and eliminate detrimental behaviours that could compromise the integrity of the company's culture.


Key features:

  • Around the clock customer support
  • Customisable case management
  • API & integrations possible
  • Satisfies all legal compliance requirements

4. FaceUp 

FaceUp is an ethics hotline provider tailored for use in both businesses and educational institutions. It provides a confidential reporting avenue that allows employees and students to raise problems or express concerns, promoting a culture of openness and security.

The platform aligns with GDPR and other regulations designed to safeguard whistleblowers, guaranteeing the protection of data and the preservation of anonymity. FaceUp boasts a user-friendly interface, offering functionalities such as advanced case management, adaptable solutions, and rapid setup. It assists organisations in meeting legal requirements, preventing financial losses, and cultivating a favourable work and study environment.


Key features:

  • Reporting channels include telephone hotline, customisable forms, pages etc.
  • Easy setup and user interface
  • Clear data analysis 
  • Complies with GDPR, the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act

5. EQS Integrity Line 

EQS Integrity Line is an extensive ethics hotline tool designed primarily for European businesses. It provides a safe and confidential platform for reporting various forms of misconduct, including corruption, discrimination, and harassment.

This software is highly adaptable, compliant with GDPR regulations, and accessible in more than 80 languages, making it suitable for a wide range of organisations. EQS Integrity Line strives to enhance transparency and build trust within companies, all while ensuring adherence to the EU Whistleblowing Directive.


Key features:

  • Multiple reporting channels
  • 24/7 multilingual reporting
  • Intuitive case management
  • Real-time dashboards

6. Ethico

Ethico is an ethics hotline provider and whistleblowing platform committed to delivering Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, placing a strong focus on ensuring the long-term success of businesses and addressing the specific requirements of their clients.

Their offerings encompass a broad spectrum of services, including hotline and case management, credential screening and monitoring, ethics and compliance training, disclosures, as well as data analytics and reporting.

Ethico ensures that the tools and services they provide are user-friendly and genuinely assist businesses in staying compliant with their ethical and legal obligations. They prioritise reliability and swift responsiveness. Consequently, Ethico doesn't merely provide tools; they also contribute to cultivating improved, more ethical work environments across various industries.


Key features:

  • Effective employee screening and monitoring services
  • Comprehensive suite of solutions for ethics and compliance
  • Human-centric focus, emphasising healthy organisational culture

7. AllVoices

AllVoices is a top-notch platform for handling employee relations, aimed at helping companies deal with and prevent workplace problems. It's like a one-stop-shop for companies to manage various employee-related issues. This platform allows employees to report their concerns anonymously, ensuring their safety.

Additionally, it offers HR case management to efficiently deal with and resolve workplace problems. AllVoices also provides tools to boost employee performance, conduct pulse surveys to address issues proactively, and simplifies the management of workplace investigations.

What makes AllVoices stand out is its use of AI-powered assistance to make the process of resolving and preventing workplace issues faster and more effective. This platform is designed to be super user-friendly and serves as a comprehensive solution for managing employee relations. It offers standardised processes, data-driven insights, and streamlined workflows to make life easier for companies.


Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Organised and streamlined reporting 
  • 2-way anonymous conversation 

8. NotMe

NotMe Solutions is an ethics hotline provider that places a strong emphasis on workplace safety. It offers completely anonymous reporting and a suite of case management tools. The primary goal of this platform is to prevent legal disputes and foster a safer work environment.

NotMe creates a safe space where employees can confidentially report various issues such as harassment, discrimination, bullying, and concerns related to health and safety without disclosing their identity. This approach encourages more individuals to come forward with their concerns, which in turn helps to address these issues more promptly and effectively.

This tool plays a crucial role in reducing the risks associated with white-collar crime by enabling employees to report incidents securely. It has the potential to shape a workplace culture that highly values safety, transparency, and accountability.


Key features:

  • Easy reporting process
  • Customisable questionnaire
  • Anonymous reporting

9. Navex One

Part of Navex One is their Ethics Hotline and Incidence Management software. The company provides a consolidated perspective on risk throughout its operations, promoting enhanced organisational understanding, improved operational efficiencies, and empowering teams to make confident, informed decisions.

NAVEX offers software solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), with a primary focus on assisting organisations in efficiently handling risks and compliance matters. One of those tools is their Ethics Hotline and Incidence Management software. 

Their product lineup comprises resources for ensuring employee compliance, managing third-party risks, and harnessing the power of data analytics. NAVEX's goal is to streamline compliance procedures and improve risk awareness to assist in informed decision-making. They cater to a wide array of industries and address various compliance-related challenges.


Key features:

  • Global contact centre presence 
  • Extensive multi-lingual support
  • Real-time report delivery
  • Secure data hosting 

10. Whistlelink 

Whistlelink is a comprehensive whistleblowing platform and ethics hotline provider that enables individuals to anonymously report misconduct. It encompasses a reporting portal, communication features facilitating interaction between reporters and organisations, as well as modules for managing cases.

They furnish organisations with a secure and user-friendly whistleblowing system that aligns with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Whistlelink places a strong emphasis on safeguarding information. They take pride in their preventive measures, including multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and external penetration tests, all designed to ensure the security of data.


Key features:

  • Compliant to the EU Whistleblowing directive
  • Anonymous reporting channel
  • Case management tool
  • Secure and compliant whistleblower system

12. Trusty Report 

Trusty Report is a free, web-based, and secure whistleblowing hotline designed for global organisations. It provides features like anonymous reporting, the ability to view statistics, and case management, all accessible through a user-friendly online dashboard created by compliance experts.

Trusty Report ensures compliance with whistleblower laws in both the EU and the United States and allows for customization without the necessity of installing any software. With a team comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, Trusty is empowered to maintain flexibility, self-sufficiency, financial sustainability, and independence from external investor influence.


Key features:

  • Web-based, free, and highly secure whistleblower hotline
  • Offers anonymous reporting, statistics viewing, and case management 
  • Developed by compliance professionals
  • Simple to use and follow EU and U.S. whistleblower laws

12. Whistleblower Software 

Whistleblower Software is an ethics hotline provider and whistleblowing solution used by organisations worldwide. It adheres to GDPR regulations and incorporates end-to-end encryption to guarantee the security and confidentiality of all reports and case management activities. 

Although it was initially designed with smaller businesses in mind, it proves to be an excellent tool for companies aiming to adhere to EU whistleblowing laws while establishing a confidential and anonymous channel for employees to report incidents.

This software allows for both confidential and anonymous reporting, with the added benefit of two-way communication following the submission of a report, ensuring a high level of transparency throughout the reporting process. 

Whistleblower Software is especially renowned for its robust security features, including compliance with the Schrems II ruling within GDPR, and its adaptability to meet the specific requirements of any organisation.


Key features:

  • Secure messaging
  • Unlimited cases and users
  • Customisable reporting page
  • Automatic translations

13. Ethicontrol

Ethicontrol is a cutting-edge ethics hotline provider and whistleblowing tool designed for both established enterprises and emerging startups. It offers various features, such as anonymous communication, up-to-date intake channels, escalation procedures, incident delegation, and document investigations, making it suitable for addressing the requirements of a wide range of businesses.

This whistleblowing solution adheres to various legal frameworks, including ISO 37002, SAPIN II, ISO 37001, US Department of Justice guidelines, the EU Whistleblowing Directive, GDPR, and CDPA. Ethicontrol enjoys the trust of large enterprises while remaining budget-friendly for startups.


Key features:

  • Modern intake channels
  • Specialised in-house call centre
  • Anonymous two-way communication
  • Unlimited users, reports, cases

Get started with your own ethics hotline provider

We hope this list of ethics hotline providers will help you find the solution you’re looking for.   

At SpeakUp, we aim to create a world where companies really pay attention to issues before they get out of hand.

Our platform makes it less stressful for people to report problems by offering a safe, anonymous way to do so. At the same time, it gives companies what they need to build a strong ethical environment. This encourages a positive work atmosphere where employees don't just stand by if they see something wrong.

If you have any questions, the SpeakUp team is ready to assist you in picking the best ethics hotline for your needs. You can always get in touch with us.

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