Processing business critical data requires the right assurances

Ensuring the security of your sensitive data is our top priority. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We have all the necessary assurances from relevant third-party auditors. Privacy and security are guaranteed.

Your whistleblowing and misconduct data is safe with us

SpeakUp is routinely audited and accredited by global privacy and security standards. These are relevant to regulations like the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Global Certifications

SpeakUp is the only whistleblowing software that combines information security (ISO27001 & ISO27002) and privacy standards (ISO27701).

Global Audit Standards

Our platform is fully audited according to ISAE3000 Type II/SOC2 and TISAX on a quarterly basis. This level of assurance goes far beyond bi- or tri-annual ISO certifications.

Private & Secure

You will become compliant with all relevant regulation, like the European Whistleblower’s Directive, The German Supply Chain Act, the GDPRNIS2 guideline and the DORA guideline.

“My team’s task is to create an industry-leading system that adheres to the highest possible security and privacy standards, but is very user-friendly at the same time.”

Arun Yadava

CTO SpeakUp

Integrated human translations

Machine translation can be impressive, but also unnecessarily risky when dealing with highly sensitive topics. Human translations remain indispensable when we need to be 100% sure of what’s being reported.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) are crucial to safe and secure data processing. With these features, you remain in full control over who gains access to which data in your whistleblowing platform.

Privacy regulations

Ensure your organisation’s compliance with a complex range of regulations, including GDPR and the EU Whistleblowing Directive. SpeakUp also adeptly handles data retention guidelines and data localisation requirements.

Encryption for full anonymity

Guaranteed anonymity makes speaking up possible. Reporters need to know their anonymity is safeguarded. This is why we ensure your data, whether at rest or in motion, is encrypted at the highest possible level.

Here's why compliance experts around the world choose SpeakUp:

“Our previous sytem was web-based and allowed for email reporting, but it was seldom used. In hindsight, we see that anonimity significantly lowers the barriers for reporting.”

Fredrik Hallgren

Head of Compliance, Sinch

“Using SpeakUp [...] is about creating a space where nearly 5 million people feel heard and trusted to report issues.”

Miriam Reijnen

Coordinator for the Centre of Safe Sports

“Straightforward / user-friendly, reliable. Configurable to our company needs. Best in class customer support. SpeakUp comes highly recommend as future-proof whistleblowing tooling.”

Vivianne Weehuizen

Legal Compliance Manager, Friesland Campina

“SpeakUp is always looking to improve and has proven to be a reliable and dedicated partner since 2006.”

Dieuwke Visser

Senior Compliance Counsel, Randstad

“SpeakUp has the best value for money on the market. It is easy to setup, flexible to use and has very supportive staff.”

Giulio Bergadano

Investigation Governance,
Iveco Group

“Knowing SpeakUp as well as multiple other tools, I can confidently say that SpeakUp is the best tool I have worked with.”

Rachaad Barri

Craft Lead AML, TMNL

Optimise your whistleblowing system with these key features

From instant anonymous reporting to multi-device compatibility and customisable case management. SpeakUp’s state-of-the-art whistleblowing system has got you covered.


Configure your case management structure by defining teams and creating custom workflows

Risk assessments

Turn seemingly unrelated cases into coherent, data-rich reports with interactive visualisations.

Robust CSR scope

Discover connections between different topics, channels, or locations.

Worldwide coverage

SpeakUp is available worldwide and lets you roll out your system across all operations.


Conduct professional investigations with custom forms, automatic audit trails and more.


SpeakUp offers manual and automated translation and transcription in 75+ languages.

Full anonymity

100% anonymity ensures people voicing their concerns don’t need to fear retaliation.

Instant reporting

Let people share concerns instantly. No need for them to get lost in complex categorisation.

Multi-device options

Whether via phone, voice mail, web browser or the SpeakUp app, reporting is always easy.

Get the whistleblowing tools you need for compliant case management

We’ve turned 20 years of experience with whistleblowing compliance into advanced software tools. Use these to make your whistleblowing workflows simple and efficient.

App, web and phone reporting
ML & manual translation
75+ languages supported


Still not sure about using SpeakUp? Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our software, below.

Is SpeakUp compliant with GDPR?

SpeakUp enables you to be compliant in a complex field of privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, data retention guidelines, and data localisation requirements.

Is SpeakUp compliant with ISO standards?

Our Privacy & Security System is built according to internationally renowned standards. We are the only player in the market combining information security (ISO27001/ ISO27002) and privacy (ISO27701) standards.

Is SpeakUp compliant with ISEA3000 Type II?

Our Privacy & Security System is audited every quarter on the basis of ISAE3000 Type II. This means that tangible proof exists that we have fully integrated and effective procedures in place in our day-to-day operations. In other words, this level of assurance goes far beyond bi- or tri-annual ISO certifications.

Is SpeakUp compliant with the EU Whistleblowing Directive?

SpeakUp is a tool to help organisations to be compliant with the requirements of the European Whistleblower Protection Directive. SpeakUp complies with the requirements of the Directive for a secure and confidential internal reporting channel.

Organisations also need to check whether their other internal reporting channels and follow-up procedures meet the minimum requirements of the Directive.

Why is encryption important for whisteblowing software?

Encryption is crucial for protecting of the reporter’s identity and company data. SpeakUp uses the highest level of encryption for your data at rest and in motion.

Why is multi-factor authentication (MFA) crucial for whistleblowing software?

Multi-Factor Authentication (also known as two-factor authentication, or 2FA) is an authentication method that uses, in addition to a username and password, one or more tools to validate a user's identity. Due to the sensitive information within SpeakUp we advise that you enable MFA to strengthen security.