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Jul 2024

AI in whistleblowing: Ethical or risky business?

Can generative AI help create more openness and transparency? If so, how can we use AI to encourage people to speak up?
Jun 2024

Top challenges of local reporting requirements and how to solve them

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and management of local reporting requirements and whistleblower protection!
May 2024

Proactive compliance strategies: Moving from legislation to action

Are you ready to tackle the rapidly changing backdrop of compliance and legislation? Standing still is not an option.
Apr 2024

Navigating Global Investigations Challenges

In this Webinar we explore these challenges and pull back the curtain on navigating global investigations with speakers Martijn Boone, SpeakUp Sales Enterprise Director and Maurice Canisius, SpeakUp CEO.
Mar 2024

AI in whistleblowing: How organisations and their employees can benefit from it

How will AI benefit organisations and their employees in whistleblowing processes? Check the on-demand webinar for answers!
Nov 2023

From an informed whistleblowing tool choice to implementation

In this webinar, we were joined by Kirstie Stephens, Head of Legal Risk and Compliance at LRQA, who shared her experiences leading the transition from LRQA’s call centre-based whistleblowing solution to an all-in-one digital platform.
Nov 2023

Navigating the EU Whistleblowing Directive for UK organisation

While the UK has no obligation to implement the Directive, British companies which operate throughout Europe might still need to comply with some of the provisions. Together with Dentons, we hosted a webinar on the Directive and its implications for the UK.
Oct 2023

Navigating the EU Whistleblowing Directive as a Dutch organisation

The Netherlands has quite some work to do in shifting culturally from the ombudsman approach to one that facilitates fully automated anonymous reporting – as described by the Directive. On 31 October, we hosted a webinar on the Directive and its implications for Dutch organisations. Watch the webinar.
Jun 2023

5 ways to create a better speak up culture

Vivianne Weehuizen and Ezekiel Ward hosted a webinar to dissect 5 Ways to Build a Better Speak Up Culture

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