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Wir veranstalten regelmäßig Events und nehmen an Branchenmessen und Konferenzen teil. Werden wir Sie bei der nächsten Veranstaltung sehen?

May 2024
Round table with Roland Notermans
Olympisch Stadion 6, Amsterdam

This round table is a unique opportunity to discuss thoughts on AI in compliance, third-party risk management, data-driven monitoring, due diligence in supply chains and more probing issues. By the end of the session, we will gather key takeaways on strategies to enhance your organisation's governance and compliance practices.

Mar 2024
Round table session: How AI is emerging in business, and its effects on ethics and compliance programmes
Central London

Ethics and compliance are developing at its fastest pace in at least a decade. From a flurry of new sanctions requirements to the emergent risks surrounding exciting new technologies like AI. Legal and compliance teams are having to keep pace. But how? Join our round table session on the 5th of March in Central London, where more than 25 chief compliance officers and legal counsels will be sharing experiences under the Chatham House Rule on two key challenges: Major challenges in sanctions compliance: the transformation that has taken place in recent years, plus ‘horizon scanning’ on what to expect next. How AI is emerging in business, and its effects on ethics and compliance programmes: we’ll be discussing how we might use AI better, plus the risks that GCs and CCOs should bear in mind as developments gather pace.